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Like the Sony Walkman and that pair of bell bottom jeans you’ve never thrown out, Coffman has been around since 1979. Is there a better way to celebrate a 40th anniversary than a Mardi-Gras-themed-party? No. Absolutely not. They go together like feathered hair and fried shrimp. Like Belushi and beignets. Like Atari and absinthe.  Come help us celebrate! 1979’s attire such as pantsuits, bell bottom jeans, and Pink Floyd T-shirts are appreciated, but not required.


By Fantasy Casino


Absinthe Den

By Coffman Staff

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Palm Readings

By Connie Rose


Authentic New Orleans cuisine brought to you by Jemil's Big Easy.

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Are you in?

Our office is located in Downtown Seattle on 2nd Avenue and Spring Street with easy access to the light rail (University Street Station). If you plan on driving, we offer parking validation in the 2nd & Seneca garage. Once parked, take the elevator to the 2nd & Seneca lobby and exit to 2nd Avenue. Walk to the right to 1101 2nd Avenue and enter the lobby to find our welcome tables, Just bring your ticket to receive your validation.


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Party location

1101 2nd Avenue, Suite 400
Seattle, WA  98101